John Fellman



I'm a front-end architect with experience in JavaScript, Python, Vue.js, Ember.js, Backbone.js, Bootstrap, Node.js, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, PHP, SQL, HTML5, and CSS3, and a secret love for Bash.

Sample Projects


A CLI note taking utility that uses git to make notes easily accesible from one computer to another. Probably the most useful piece of software I've written.

Check out the source on GitHub.

Ember Analyzer

Ember Analyzer is a 3d audio visualizer using Three.js and the Web Audio API, built on the Ember framework.

Check out the Demo or view the source on GitHub.


Collaborave is an online multi-track audio mixer and recorder based on Backbone.js and the Web Audio API.

Check out the Demo or view the source on GitHub.


NRC is a content management system I built that utilizes the HTML5 contenteditable attribute and ajax to make changing content on the front-end as simple as point, click, and type. It has the added benefit of keeping the end user out of styling and layout as much as possible.

Check out the Demo or view the source on GitHub.

Rails Lite and Active Record Lite

These two projects were a bear, but building a stripped down version of each really gave me a greater understanding and appreciation for the Ruby on Rails framework.

JS Games

Here are a couple of sample JS games I wrote that use jquery, canvas and DOM manipulation:


Also check out the code on GitHub


Also check out the code on GitHub

Chess - Ruby CLI

Click on the tabs below to browse through my command line chess game in written in Ruby.

Click on the tabs above to browse the code from my ruby chess game.